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Front-Brake Pads Z26 (Mustang 2013-2014 GT500)


Front Power Stop brake pads for Ford Mustang 2013-2014 SHELBY GT500

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If you want to improve the braking performance of your car, the brake discs and brake pads of the Z26 series are made for you.

Power Stop brake pads and brake discs were first introduced in California in 1995 as a response to the growing demand for brake accessories that will remain reliable in the most extreme conditions. Power Stop makes every effort to provide the Customer with the safest and most effective braking solutions. In connection with their production for the American market.

    The brake pad formula consisting of carbon and ceramic fibers ensures the highest performance for sports cars.
    The highest quality stainless steel washers provide better heat dissipation and braking with a very low noise level.
    Very low dustiness of the brake pads, so the rims stay clean for longer.
    The product contains ceramic grease and the highest quality stainless steel mounting kit. Due to their production for the American market, Power Stop Z26 brake pads do not have European approval for driving on public roads.

    The photos of the products are for illustration only, so the actual appearance may be slightly different from the one presented in the photos.


    In combination with Power Stop brake discs, increased braking power by up to 20% compared to the factory brake kit.

    Significantly less dust and noise compared to factory pads.

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